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Print technology with liquid ink

The need for absolute consistency, printing quality and sharpness and faithful performance of each establishment, led us to obtain our latest press technology. The HP Indigo 5500 guarantees unsurpassed quality in offset printing thanks to leading technology HP ElectroInk liquid ink available.

The HP Indigo ElectroInk liquid inks offer competitive advantages unparalleled stable and camera performance. Capable of up to 7-color printing and Rantone colors, returns the largest digital color scale. It also supports a wide variety of print materials including coated and specialty papers anepichriston and flexible materials. We have the advantage of cover, given the unchanged quality printing with fast delivery times.

Printing with Variable Data - Personalization

What is variable data? The feature of digital printing -unlike the conventional- is that each page while printing, is supplied with new data from a computer. This means that the image-page printed each time may be different. With this advantage, therefore, created programs which are fed with data (names, addresses, photos, barcodes, etc.) from a database. So we can print in any position, any page, or any form, variable data and thus providing targeted print jobs. A very common application is to print the addresses of recipients of a letter or greeting at the beginning of a letter and print calls with nominal reference. The more complex applications can have pictures, different each time, which relate to the recipient. It can also be barcode that helps computerization of registration or in easy identification of a voucher. In conjunction with more sophisticated programs can be the naming on photos for use on postcards, calendars, or Spiral Notebooks. The prosopopoisi to form a more effective and has the personal touch of special management.

Print on demand

We adopted the technology web-to-print enabling parallel on-demand services. We offer production solutions that enable you:

Direct production and renewal of your printed material.
The reduction of warehouse and distribution costs.
Easy reprint ordering through the Internet.
Print only the required quantities when needed.
Direct, with a single click, bid for your order.


Binding (single or round), spiral, perfect binding, sewing, thermal, paperback, leather, hard cover.
Spot UV
Hot stamping

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