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Wall calendars

This year the calendar to hang on your wall will be unique! Create your own calendar with photos that you love and want to see every month or even every day!

ευχαιτήριες κάρτες

Available in sizes: 21x29, 7 cm, 28X21, 5 cm and 28x43 cm. Staple the top or center coil.

Note the meetings and events that you must not forget! Fill out your comments and select holidays you want to see in any country! Use the wide variety offered by your standards, clipart, etc. to make it even more special!

Desktop Calendars

Your calendar will inform not only the classical information but also to those you do not want to miss it! Meetings of parents and guardians, birthday buddy friend, the anniversary of Dad and Mom, and what you still want to remember!

ευχαιτήριες κάρτες

Vertical and horizontal calendar. Available in sizes: 14x21 cm and 21x14 cm. The binder is in the middle spiral, between top and bottom of your calendar.

You can select photos not only each month but for every day! The calendar you create and you can enrich it with many details that gives you the
MyPhotoGallery application and mainly yourself

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